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500 Meg Storage
5 GB Transfer
1 Month Contract
Unlimited Files
No Credit Card Req.
10 GB Storage
80 GB Transfer
6 Month Contract
Unlimited Files
In Progress
Zip/Unzip Files
Passworded Files
Larger File Uploads
Mac/Linux Features

Other Plan Options; Lite Use Plan for $25, and a 1 Year Plan for $96.
- OR -
Customize your own plan.
Send an email describing the desired storage, term in months, and transfer. And a quote will be made.

Create a trial account, no credit card required.
Try out free file sharing for a month.
Optionally use a discount coupon or a deal coupon to upgrade your account.

Welcome to ..... is an online file storage and file sharing service.

Setup online file storage in your account that others can browse ...
Where they can pick any file to download.
( Password Protected Access )

Setup custom web pages to share specific files for download ...
( Password not required )

Use to share files that are too big for email ...
( large files option is under development )

online file sharing features

Web page file manager for managing files/folders
Create usernames/passwords so people can access your folders/files
Mass mailer to notify select people of your online file folder
Uploader for people to send files back to your account
Create web pages for your online folders; About, Terms, etc ....

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